Implementation of Outcome Based Education

      OBE is a comprehensive approach to organizing and operating a curriculum that is focused on – and defined by – the successful demonstrations of learning sought from each learner. The term clearly means focusing and organizing everything in an education system around “what is essential for all learners to be able to do successfully at the end of their learning experiences”
OBE ultimately implies emerging with a vivid idea of what is important for learners to be able to do (determining the outcomes), thereafter developing the programs for learning, implementing it and assessing the learner on a continuous basis to ensure that learning has ultimately taken place. The outcomes-based approach to education requires:

● Developing a clear set of outcomes organized into the system’s subjects and
● Establishing conditions and opportunities within the system to enable and
● Encourage learners to achieve these outcomes.

Guidance will be given in following aspects,
i. Devise Department Vision and Mission
ii. Department Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)
iii. Programme Curriculum and Teaching Learning Process
iv. Teaching, Learning Process
v. Course Outcomes (COs) and Programme Outcomes (Pos)
vi. CO to PO Mapping
vii. Process of CO Attainment
viii. Process for PO Attainment
ix. Use of PO Attainment Towards Improvement of Programme