Teaching Resources


Moodle Usage


This is a modern approach to education, in which the information technology emerges as an intermediary in contacts between trainers and users who are not in the same place at the same time. Use of Moodle has improved learning of students. Faculties can utilize this tool to share the resources, and they can make use of this tool as an active learning tool.
Link to moodle@rit
This software is useful while incorporating Outcome based education in the institute. This involves framing cohesive Program Education Objectives (PEOs), Program Outcomes (POs), Course Outcomes (COs), and ensuring assessment and attainment of these outcomes. IONCUDOS helps in understanding the attainment of COs, POs and PEOs. It gives a broader picture of overall teaching learning process and helps in analyzing the level of understanding of students by using above metrices.
Link to ioncudos@rit
Curriculum of final year B.Tech involves online courses. Students do the online courses on various platforms like NPTEL, UDEMY etc. Two RIT faculties have designed online courses on Udemy platform

  • Build and test C programming skills-Udemy
  • Network simulation using NS2-Udemy