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Vision of CTL

To foster dynamic, inclusive education through innovative teaching practices and quality curriculum design, cultivating a culture of lifelong learning.

Mission of CTL

Student Learning: Design, implement, reflect, and revise learning-centered curriculum and instructional practices.

Instructional Methodology & Student Engagement: Improve student engagement and student academic development through communities of practice.

Quality Course    Design/eLearning: Improve online success rates through quality    course design practices and eLearning tools for engaged teaching and learning.

Changing Nature of “Professoriate”: Build an ongoing sense of inquiry through the scholarship of teaching and learning to refine and improve academic excellence and student learning.

Innovation: Improve professional practice by exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.

Cultural & Global Perspective: Integrate intercultural knowledge and competence into daily practice.

What we do at CTL

We tutor students Although many teaching principles and practices can be conveyed through workshops and articles, there is no substitute for individual discussion with a CTL staff member about one’s teaching style, classroom goals, and interaction with faculty, teaching fellows and students. The CTL routinely assists members of the RIT community with course design, section planning, effective use of technology, assignment development, mid-semester classroom observations and feedback, interpreting student evaluations, and addressing challenges in the classroom.