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CTL Blog We intend the blog to be an active way for members of the RIT community to discuss ideas, experiences, innovations, adventures, challenges, and research about teaching and learning. The audience for the blog is the RIT teaching community, but the blog will be publicly accessible from the CTL homepage. We invite members of the RIT teaching and learning community (faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates) to submit potential blog posts. If you are interested in contributing, please read the guidelines below and complete the Idea Submission form.
Blog Post Guidlines Focus Contemporary teaching and learning topics.  Successful blog posts will do one or more of the following things:
  • Offer ideas & innovations
  • Refer to one or two resources
  • Make sense to readers in a range of disciplines and departments
  • Talk about the writer’s experience as an instructor or student or both
  • Consider instructive failures
Tone We invite posts that present a compelling case or invite readers to consider a topic from a new angle. However, we encourage our writers to keep it casual and to remember that people from many different backgrounds and disciplines may read your post. Avoid the use of disciplinary jargon or dense theoretical material. We encourage humor and the use of metaphors to draw connections. Suggested topics Interviews (asking questions), mini-case studies, response to an article, a reflective piece, or something else.
  • Active learning
  • Balancing teaching and research
  • Best practices
  • Inclusive teaching
  • Hybrid or online courses
  • Team or collaborative teaching
  • Working with Multilingual students
Visuals We would like all submissions to include visual (high resolution images only). We also encourage the addition of headers, bullet points, numbering, or anything else that will help make the post a little more reader friendly and visually appealing. Idea Submission Form