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CTL Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting the RIT teaching community. Our services are grounded in research, draw on established pedagogical approaches, promote innovation, and are deeply collaborative in nature.       With a emphasis on empowering learners through student-centered approaches, the Center for Teaching and Learning i.e. RIT-CTL will guide and motivate RIT teaching community and mentor the other institute’s teaching community to shape the future of higher education on campus, and beyond.” RIT-CTL has put forth a step in higher education with a goal of student learning with improved student engagement and Instructional Methodology. We will focus on Quality Course Design, eLearning and innovations with prominence on cultural and global perspective. RIT-CTL will provide amenities as a Mentor to enhance Vision and mission of Engineering Educational Institutes which include,
  1. Teaching Triangle
  2. Devising Vision and Mission of Institute
  3. Standard Academic Practices
  4. ICT for Education
  5. Assessment Methodologies
  6. CTL workshops
  7. Implementation of Outcome Based Education