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Effective Use of Videos in Classroom Teaching

Course: Internet Technology Laboratory

Class: Third Year B.Tech

Department: Computer Science & Engg.

Name of Course In-charge: Ms. Varsha Lokare

Full-length videos and video clips can be very useful in teaching. However, it is important to consider ahead of time what you hope your students will learn from the videos. You will also need to plan out how you will help the students learn, and how you will know whether they have done so.

Videos + Think Pair Share

Topic: File Transfer Protocols (FTP)


  1. To understand the working of FTP protocol
  2. To able to differentiate between FTP and SFTP
  3. To able to state the applicability of TFTP

Video Link:

Activity Plan:

Phase 1: Provide questions (prompts) that focus your students on what you believe are important in the video. Consider why you are having them watch the video, and what you hope they will learn from watching it. You can have students write down their answers. (5min)

List of Questions:

Q.1) What is FTP?

Q.2) What is SFTP?

Q.3) What is TFTP?

Q.4) Which communication protocol is used for FTP, SFTP and TFTP respectively?

Q.5) What are the differences between FTP, SFTP and TFTP?

Q.6) Which file transfer protocol is more secure?

Q.7) Which port number is used for FTP?

Q.8) Which port number is used for SFTP?

Phase 2: Watch the video as a class. Don’t be afraid to stop the video to point out something important if you think it will be useful to the students. Model the engagement with the video that you desire from your students. (8 min)

Youtube link:

Screenshot of Video

Phase 3: Tell Students to answer the given questions individually. Make sure that they have achieved your goals for having them watch the video.(10 min)

Phase 4: Allow students to discuss with their neighbor and finalize the answers.(5min)

Phase5: Share the answers with class members. (5min)

Photos in classroom during activity

Videos + MCQ

Topic: Email Transfer Protocols


  1. To understand the working of SMTP and POP3 protocols
  2. To differentiate between POP3 and IMAP
  3. List out the advantages and disadvantages of POP3

Video Link:

Screenshot of Video

Activity Plan:

  1. Give brief idea of the layout of the activity planned (2min)
  2. Play videos in the classroom (8 min)
  3. Teacher will briefly summarize the video contents (5min)
  4. Arrange discussion between faculty and students to clear doubts of students (5 min)
  5. Tell students to appear for MCQ ( already uploaded on MOODLE) (8 min)
  6. Analyze the result to predict the overall percentage of understanding the concept. (2 min)

Screenshots of MCQ



Videos + Discussion Forum

Topic: Proxy Server


  1. To understand the need of proxy server in any organization
  2. To able to list out the advantages and disadvantages of the proxy server.
  3. To understand the working of proxy server through watching video

Video Link:

Activity Plan:

  1. Explain the basic concepts in Proxy server (5min)
  2. Play the video (8 min)
  3. Tell students to create group of 4 students (2min)
  4. Assign the role of questioner to half of the groups and ask them to post one question in a group on discussion forum (10min)
  5. Tell remaining students to answer the posted questions. (10min)
  6. Select the best question and best answer.
Screenshot of video